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Eat This Not That

Baking Ingredients

Over the many years that I have been helping my clients lose weight and live healthier lifestyles, I find that the key has always been eating WHOLE FOODS.  We are in a world full of GMO, heavily processed foods and many of us have a problem with dairy and/or gluten.  Many of us have a problem with inflammation in our bodies, myself included. 
Inflammation is a process by which the body's immune system malfunctions. The reason inflammation is so critical is that it has been found to be a player in almost every chronic disease. 

My Swaps

1.  Pasta <  Vegetable noodles 
Zucchini Noodles are my go-to vegetables noodles.  Arm yourself with a spiralizer, it makes a great alternative to pasta.  Not only are the "Zoodles" gluten free, but are lower in carbs and sugar! 
2.  Rice  <  Cauliflower Rice 
Although it’s gluten-free, it still has proteins that are similar to gluten as well as high in carbs.  Steam cauliflower florets and then pulse them in a food processor for a rice-like shape and texture or you can conveniently find cauliflower rice in the grocery store. 


3.  Dairy Cheese  <  Nut Cheese 

The protein in milk called casein can be inflammatory, Nut cheese looks (and tastes) like the real deal.   


4.  Hummus  <  Cauliflower hummus 

Most people find that chickpeas (the main ingredient in hummus) can be extremely difficult to digest and cause bloating, cramping or gas 


5.  Mayonnaise  <  Mashed Avocado 

My go to swap for tuna salad.  Mix 1 can of tuna with a 1/4 of an avocado.  Add in some ginger, garlic & onion powder.  Try it on some almond flower rosemary crackers!   


6.  Yogurt  <  Coconut or Almond Milk Yogurt If you want or need to avoid dairy, this swap is ideal for eating out of the tub, or a great swap in a recipe like Beef Stroganoff. 


7.   Potato Chips  <  Plantain Chips 

If you have never tried these crispy treats, you have no idea what you are missing! 


8.  Breadcrumbs  <  Coconut Flakes 

I like to use them on shrimp skewers, it gives that great crispy texture that breadcrumbs give without the guilt! 


9.  Soda  <  Flavored Carbonated Water 

We all know that soda regardless if it is Diet or Regular is not good for us.  The  sugars and artificial sweeteners wreck havoc on our digestive systems.  


10.   Chocolate  <  Carob 

Some people have a difficult time eating chocolate.  Carob is a great alternative and is nutrient dense and free of caffeine. 


11.  Butter  <  Ghee 

Ghee a/k/a clarified butter does not have the inflammatory protein casein.  It contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2. Since it also has a high smoke point, ghee is safe to use for cooking at high temperatures. 


12.  Soy Sauce  <  Coconut Aminos 

The majority of soy that is grown today is genetically modified, but Coconut Aminos is made with Coconut!  It looks and tastes almost identical to soy sauce, so you’ll never know what you are missing.


13.  Mashed Potatoes  <  Turnips, Rutabaga or Cauliflower Mash 

Most people are not aware that potatoes for some individuals cause inflammation in the gut.  Turnips & Cauliflower have a similar consistency to mashed potatoes when they are whipped. Try adding some garlic and ghee and enjoy! 


14.  Whipped Cream  <  Coconut Whip 

Grab a can of coconut milk, add some maple syrup or raw honey, whip and enjoy!  I recently made for a dessert over the weekend and it was delicious! 

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