Workout from "The Vault"

If you have been following our Instagram Story (@Brown_Gym) then you know what lengths I went to trying to find Jim's old training books! No Joke, I grabbed the ladder and went on the HUNT! When I found them, I got CAUGHT! We both laughed as we started going through some of his books picking out a workout for this week.

Now, I've been training with Jim since the spring of 1997, before we married, and that is going back 20 years. This goes back 31 years ago! Way before I knew him, so it was pretty cool to get a peek at who he was as a kid. Enjoy!

~ Janel

Let's take it back to 31 years ago.... October 27, 1986... WHOA!

Jim was a very young 21 years old.

#1 Song on the Radio that Day:


"True Colors" - Cyndi Lauper

Mainstream Rock:

"Amanda" - Boston

I cannot see anyone jamming

out to this in the weightroom!

The day after watching Franky Vassel win the Mr. Anthracite - I had already competed a couple of times in Powerlifting. It was entertaining to watch someone I had met at the gym win the title of Mr. Anthracite, but it just confirmed my decision to stay with powerlifting. I found it interesting to see the difference in my workouts from then until today.

Bench with (2) .5" bands tied together strung under the bench.

45x8 - 135x8 - 185x5 - 225x5 - 265x3 - 285x4 - 285x1 - 285x4 - 285x1 - 295xx1 - 315x1 - 325x1

Close Grip Bench (with the same band set up)


One Arm DB Rows: 60x20x4


*Dumbbell Floor Presses: 90x7x7

*Curl Bar Bicep Curls: 105x7x7


40 Burpees for Time: 02:26

~ Jim

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