A Fit Thanksgiving...

So, here we are, the Holiday that begins all things Food, Drink & Celebration! If you don't want to roll around like a stuffed turkey yourself, here are some general tips to help you spend quality time with friends and family and still enjoy those delicious goodies!

1. Get to the gym first thing in the morning and get yourself a great workout! Seriously, if you know once the food is displayed, all conscious efforts to "healthy eating" are out the window, then you MUST workout before hand. We are open until noon, so really there is no excuse!

2. Eat Your Regular Meals at Your Normal Scheduled Meal Times!

Wake up! Eat breakfast as usual, then get to the gym for your workout. Have your post workout meal or shake and continue to eat as if it were just a regular Thursday. When it comes time to have dinner with your friends and family you are less likely to over eat.

3. Easy On The Alcohol!

I know that this one may be tough, but if you can say no to alcohol, it is much easier to say no to cheese and crackers, chips & dip, etc. Have one glass of spirits for the toast at dinner so you can leave caloric room for dessert!

3. Choose Wisely!

This is where most people go off the deep end. I will list the "Better Choices" for your Thanksgiving Dinner. The order in which you plate your food will also help. Your biggest portion size should be your Protein, then Vegetables then Potato/Starch. For the sake of serving sizes I have added approximate measurements for your body weight. Under 130 lbs. (smallest amounts) Between 150-190 lbs. (Middle Amounts) Above 190 lbs. (Larger Amounts)

Choice of Protein (4 - 6 - 8 ounces)

Turkey Breast (White Meat, No Skin)

Ham (with edges trimmed)

Choice of Vegetable (85 - 100 - 125 grams)



Green Beans (NOT green bean casserole sorry)


Choice of Potato/Starch (125 - 150- 175 grams total Choose carefully)

Sweet Potato

Baked Yam (not candied, sorry)

Mashed Potatoes


Dessert (Nix the Cool Whip & Ice Cream)

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie

Above everything else, enjoy your friends and family. Enjoy the time you have together. Be Safe Traveling and Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!



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