Day 8... UGH

Updated: Mar 25

Sorry that I haven't sent anything in a few days. This whole coronavirus has me confused on what day it is. My dogs are wondering why we are home and quite frankly mad that we are interrupting their napping sessions!

We have received a lot of questions about back training. In a perfect world, we would not be in this current situation and we would all be at the gym, but here we are. At Home. I know these are not the most fun, but it is something, get up and try these, if you can, video and tag us on Instagram @browns_gym and #brownsgym

1. Pull-ups - AMRAP x3 - I used my office door. just be careful not to smash your fingers. I am not responsible if you break the door lol... safer choice, If you have a pull-up bar or access to a playground. Did someone say Monkey Bars?

2. Inverted Row - 10x4 - We used the frame of Jim's trailer. Today I used my desk. You could also get beneath the coffee table (Again with the coffee table, I know, but it does work), but seriously make sure it is stable enough, or it may flip.

3. One Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Rows - 20x5 - If you do not have dumbbells, fill a water jug to desired weight.

4. Low Row - 20x4 - Using the bands (if you have them) or if you have a dog, this is a no- brainer ... get their favorite toy, rope, towel and sit on the floor ... just using your lats, play tug of war... it's OK if you lose, I usually do.

5. Supermans - 20x3



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