My Favorite Fitness Toys!

Over the years, I have tried thousands of Fitness trends, wearables, workouts and supplements and almost always walking away being disappointed. But here are a few that I use and have continued to use over the years and thought I would share them with you!

For the "Get Me Through this Cardio Session"

Love/Hate relationship with Cardio or HIIT Workouts? I find that I use this Interval Timer Daily! It's Essential to help me get everything out of my cardio workout that I can. EMOM, HIIT, Cardio Acceleration, etc.:

Interval Timer - HIIT Workouts

- It's Free

- It's Programmable

- It stays on your home screen while using

- It sends you a little reminder to go workout if you haven't used it.

For the "How Much Ya Bench" Guy

For those of you that are into Powerlifting or serious Bench Pressing, I highly recommend Bench Blokz. They fit perfectly on the barbell and there are different grooves for the different board thicknesses without having to ask someone "hey, can you hold these boards on my chest"

Bench Blokz

- No need to have extra hands/spotters to hold the boards

- They fit nicely in your gym bag

- Helps you train through different sticking parts of the Bench Press

For the "Macro Tracker"

Ok, we cannot leave out the tried & true calorie counting App! I've used this app for over 10 years. Whether I was trying to make weight for a powerlifting competition or I was stepping on stage in a figure show, This is the one App that I advise all of my clients to use.

My Fitness Pal

- Download the app to your Smart Phone and get to know your food.

- Track daily Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat, Sodium, etc.

- Easily track your water intake

- Log your Strength Training and Cardio Workouts

- Will sync to your Fitness Tracker

For the "Meal Prepper"

You've spent an entire Sunday prepping your food for the week only to find yourself carrying it in a grocery bag .... it's 2020 people, keep up.

6 Pack Bags

- Keep your food temperature controlled throughout the day.

- You have YOUR food available so you don't reach for somthing else.

- Comes in a variety of sizes and colors

- Women can now have a beautiful handbag that also hides their meals.

For the "But, I'm in the Car All Day" Worker

This is by far my favorite find! I have eaten cold fish & rice too many times to count, but I found this gem and now I use it everyday, even when a microwave is available.

Hot Logic Food Warming Tote

- Evenly heats meals or leftovers - without burning or drying your food

- Requires no monitoring - just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day

- Plug it in at the office about an hour before lunch and Voila!

- Plug into your a power outlet in your vehicle and have lunch on the go!

- No DC Outlet, No Worries, car adapter to the rescue!

For the "Oly Lifter, Powerlifter, CrossFitter"

I seriously can go on and on about the App. Honestly, if you compete in any sport, this app should already be downloaded on your Smart Phone.

Coaches Eye

- Record on any device

- Analyze with slow-motion playback

- Share Immediately w/friends or coaches

- Analyze two videos side-by-side, so you can compare and contrast

movements, and make immediate adjustments.

- Draw on your video using lines, shapes and arrows

- Use premium analysis tools like the stopwatch to show elapsed time, the spotlight to highlight important details, and the angle to measure accuracy.

I hope that you found something you were looking for in your fitness journey! It' amazing what is out there, all you have to do is search for it!



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