Hours of Operation:

Beginning Monday, June 29th at Midnight open 24 hours through Friday 10:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Our Mask Policy:

In line with the local executive orders, employees & customers entering the gym are required to wear a mask, unless doing so would inhibit your health.

We also advise, along with the CDC and WHO, DO NOT WEAR a mask while working out!

Cleaning, Painting, Fixing & More

The entire Brown's Gym staff worked tirelessly getting the gym ready to welcome all of you once again. Please make sure you let them know that you appreciate their hard work! We are encouraging you to help keep the gym clean & sanitized by spraying and wiping down all equipment after you have used it. This will help keep everyone safe and the gym open!

Here's just a small list of what we did to make sure we could open safely and under the CDC Guidelines.

Rafters have been completely blown out & cleaned

Cardio Equipment has been Socially Distanced 8'

Circuit Training Equipment has been Socially Distanced 8'

New Paint in Locker Rooms, Mezzanine Stairs, Doors, Trim & Walls

Showers scrubbed/grouted

New Padding on all equipment

Dumbbells & Dumbbell Racks Cleaned & Sanitized

New Deadlift/Weightlifting Platforms

More Sanitizing Stations

Scrubbed Floors, Walls, Windows & Mirrors

Every piece of equipment in the gym has been scrubbed & sanitized.

What Happened To My Body?

It has been 3 months since walking into the gym and putting your hands on the iron. Some of you have found that you were able to keep up with some type of exercise. Those of you that found running for the first time have lost some weight and might even have enjoyed it. But for most of you, you found projects to do around the house, supported your local restaurants with take out on numerous occasions, found out that Amazon Prime is truly a miracle worker and maybe have had one too many alcoholic beverages.

I am sure that you all are so excited to get back in here and train like never before, but remember it's been a solid 3-months of eating, drinking & Netflix binging, so the weight is not going to come off overnight. The stress of not working, trying to pay the bills, kid's screaming, taking on the role of teacher and not being able to see your friends & family has your body making cortisol overtime. Your body did its job by getting through this tumultuous time.

Now it's time to take it back, take it slow, keep yourself hydrated, if it's your fist day back in the gym, do about half of what you would have done 3 months ago.

Enjoy the release of dopamine :)

Finally & most importantly

Thank you everyone that reached out to us during this pandemic. Especially to those of you that purchased one of these shirts/sweatshirts. You have no idea what that did for us financially as well as mentally. We were literally having conversations of closing. Wondering if this was truly going to be the end of our legacy. Then we kept getting text messages from Nick Vinciguerra that he "needed" to see us. Nick, Liz Hobbie & Tim McCoy came down to the gym and fessed to their secret and handed us a check for the shirt sales. We cried. Like LEGIT Cried.

That night, we went home and came up with a plan to get us back open. We are no where near where we need to be, it's like we are literally starting from scratch. But, how could we give up when none of you gave up on us! Thank you for reminding us of who we are!



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