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Brown's Gym Next Level T-shirt.  Unisex.  No Shrink.  Soft.  Comfortable for training in or just wearing out!



Brown's Gym Logo


Option 1 -   "Where Champions Train" in white lettering. It has been our tagline since nearly the inception of Brown's Gym. It is a statement of what training at Brown's Gym represents in every aspect of life!


Option 2 - "Air, Abs, Ass, Squat!" in white lettering. It's not just a funny saying on the back of our shirts,  but what we implement in our squat training.  It is a reminder for our athletes to:

  • Get your Air!
  • Brace Your Abs !
  • Push Your Ass Back!
  • That's How You Squat!


Ships in approximately 2-3 days


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Choose Free Pick-up at Brown's Gym in Clarks Summit, PA


You will receive an email when your  item is ready/available for pick-up.


Iconic Brown's Gym Logo T-Shirt

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