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Episode 9. Mobility, Injuries & Rehab with Dr. Casey Hill

It was an absolute pleasure to sit and talk with Casey about her love of sports and how that love turned into a career and passion in Physical Therapy. She has some great advice for those of us who are inclined to push through “pain” when sometimes we should be seeking professional help. 

Episode 7. Q&A with Wilkes University Pharmaceutical Students

It is always a pleasure being asked to speak to students and staff about fitness, nutrition and supplements. Back in late March we spoke with Professor Dana Manning’s class at Wilkes University on a wide range of topics. Now Dana is getting ready to compete at the North American Powerlifting Championships in the Cayman Islands after successfully qualifying at Powerlifting American Masters Nationals in Scottsdale back in June. Good luck Dana!

Episode 5.  Powerlifiting Stories in the Bunker

Today's episode we are on location in our home gym “The Bunker.” We talk about the humbling beginnings of Brown's Gym and the evolution of equipment in Powerlifting. Where does the will and drive come from to compete at the highest level? What is the secret? Jim talks about his first competition and how his powerlifting career started and I talk about my first powerlifting nationals experience.

Episode 8. Sitting Down With Lya Bavoil

It’s not every day that you get to sit and talk openly with literally the strongest woman in the world. We talk about her journey to becoming a powerlifter, her being diagnosed with Autism, how she deals with the pressures of being an elite female athlete, her book, Sheffield, rule changes in the IPF and of course, love. Thank you to Lya for sitting down for this candid conversation

Episode 6. Jim’s Road to Powerlifting America Nationals, Injury, Surgery, Recovery

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Episode 4. How to pack for travel to a powerlifting competition!

We take you through everything you need to know about packing for travel to your first powerlifting competition. Jim is competing at Powerlifting America Nationals so we take you through everything he’ll need to compete equipped, but all the same ideas apply to both raw and equipped. We hope this helps and please feel free to DM us on Instagram @browns_gym with any questions!

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