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     formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications.
     synonyms:recommendation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, blurb 

     "a glowing testimonial"


     a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.
     synonyms:recommendation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, blurb

     "a glowing testimonial"


     (in sports) a game or event held in honor of a player, who typically receives part of the income generated.


Hi Janel,

Wanted to thank you for all your nutritional guidance. I knew after the first week of working with you that you were a nutritional life changer! First thing I noticed was how your macro plans were very balanced and so user friendly. It was an approach that can be followed for a lifetime. Never once did I feel hungry or deprived! You took me from a soft 216 lb person with a slow metabolism to a solid 183 lb person eating 1000 calories more per day. The changes in my body amazed me as well as friends, family and co workers. Many wanted to know what I was doing, They were sure I was doing hours of cardio a week and not eating carbs, which was quite the opposite in reality.


You were also a big part of my return to the platform at the national level. Your plan helped with energy levels, recovery, better sleep as well strength. Also getting me to my weight class way ahead of time was a blessing. Gear wasn't an issue with a last minute cut as usual. I actually was able to eat and drink prior to weigh in which was a new experience for me, even after 30+ years of competing.


You were always available if I had a question as well as very educational along the way. Your help and commitment was nothing short of outstanding!

I can't thank you enough for all you have done!
Rich Wenner

Multiple ADFPA/USAPL National Champion

IPF JR.World Champion

M2 IPF Classic Champion

M2 IPF World Bench Press Record Holder


"I believe I was about 17 years old which was 12 years ago when I first stepped foot into the gym. At this point I was nervous because Brown’s was known for being a hardcore place to train where the top bodybuilders and serious athletes called home. I started working out only knowing what I had from training at my school gym, which was a fraction of the size that Brown’s is. A year later I had a little more experience and a tiny bit of knowledge from watching certain individuals that I looked up too. At that point I had asked Jim and Janel Brown for some advice to point me in the right direction to gain strength to gain weight. At that time I had a part time job barley affording my car I drove after high school, I asked Jim and Janel to train me. We came up with a reasonable fee for all of their experience and expert training, I was ecstatic! For about a year I trained in their techniques for powerlifting increasing my strength by more than I could have ever imagined. The amount of knowledge I soaked up about how important form and weight control was propelled me into what I am today. I took what they taught me and eventually got my ACE certification while in college to understand more about bodybuilding and how I could incorporate what they taught me into the overall goal I had for my body. Brown’s gym wasn’t just a place where I learned how to lift properly but it was a place where I had learned more about myself and how to grow as a person in the right manner. I came to Brown’s gym with a certain outlook and left with a completely different and more focused mindset. I took that mindset from the environment I had surrounded myself with into the rest of my life. After almost 12 years of training at Brown’s I had propelled my career into being a signed fitness model and actor with an agency out of New York City, numerous television appearances and movies. Brown’s gym taught me how to never give up on what I wanted or what my goals were. Just like standing in front of a barbell with 300+ lbs on it nervous because that was the next number from the training regimen I had to hit from Jim, to standing in front of Hollywood’s biggest producers ready to show them what I had. All of my experiences at Brown’s gym pushed me further and further throughout life even though fitness and the real world are different, they are actually one in the same. Sometimes life gets very heavy, like 300lbs on your back but when you remember the training you received from an amazing facility like Brown’s Gym…Life just got a lot lighter!Thank you for all you have given me, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t stepped foot in Brown’s Gym!​"
Alexander Frekey

Bodybuilder, Actor, Fitness Model

"Not only is Jim a very good lifter, he is also an excellent coach as well! He has coached the USA Women’s Team at the IPF/NAPF North American Championships the past three consecutive years. During this time, the Women’s Team has gone undefeated and won three consecutive team titles. This is a testament to Jim’s hard work and excellent coaching ability to not organize and manage a team, but also train and coach the lifters in his charge – Teaching with positive results! Jim’s efforts have been instrumental in building a very strong program and his hard work and sacrifice contributes immensely to one if not the largest and most successful women’s sports programs in America.

Most importantly as Jim’s Coach this past year at the 2010 IPF Men’s World Open Championships, on his volition, set many hours of his time aside to coach the Women’s Team from Indonesia. Being without a coach, he immediately stepped in to assist the lifters from another nation in need, even despite the negative effects that it would have had on his own platform performance – A true testament to his character and sportsmanship!

Despite the many accolades, Jim remains a most humble and approachable person, who will take time to share his knowledge with others in the sport of Powerlifting – the sign of a very good coach."

Robert Keller

USAPL Chairman, Technical Committee

"I had a hernia operation in March of 2012 and subsequently received permission from my Doctor to resume weight training.  During the summer of 2013 I wanted to Deadlift, but I was concerned about my hernia operation.  I discussed the facts with Jim and Janel Brown and asked for their thoughts on my deadlifting.  They showed me the proper technique and weight for me to start back on deadlifting.  After working with Jim and Janel on my deadlift, I became interested in Powerlifting.  Now as a member of the Powerlifting Club, Jim and Janel guide me with my workouts, techniques and competitions."

Frank Stamboolian,

Retired CPA

Member Brown's Gym Powerlifting Club

2x USAPL Raw National Powerlifting Champion

Multiple American Record Holder

“I came to Brown's Gym four years ago looking to make a change in my life. In that time I found a passion for the iron that not only transformed my body but also my life. I've made lifelong friends and found my love powerlifting at Brown's. I've had the opportunity to be coached by Jim and Janel Brown and under their programming and watchful eye have added nearly 200lbs to my competition total in nine months time. This is by far the best gym in the area and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their body and life..”​
Joshua Corby​

Powerlifting Competitor


“If you are willing to do all the hard work necessary to achieve your powerlifting goals, you need a great coach to make sure all that hard work pays off. Jim Brown is a great coach. I was new to lifting when Jim took me under his wing and started coaching me. With his knowledge and expertise and unbelievable passion for coaching, he took me from a local grass-roots lifter to a national and international lifter with multiple National and World Championship titles and 2 World Records. These were goals I had only dreamed about but Jim made them a reality. So if you are truly serious about your lifting and want to see your potential come to life, you need to be associated with this coach and this gym.”​
Gail Moore​ 

Member Brown's Gym Powerlifting Club

Multiple National Champion

Multiple World Champion

Mutiple American & World Record Holder


"​From the beginning, Janel Brown saw potential I never knew I had. Through her individualized nutrition and workout plans, she was able to help me surpass my original goals and foster the physical and mental growth it takes to be a champion. I never thought in my FIRST YEAR competing in Figure/Bodybuilding that I would be vying for my IFBB pro card in Las Vegas, but here we are. The opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable and dedicated as Janel is an honor, and an experience that continues to be rewarding.
Janel is just as committed seeing results and success as much as her athletes are. As a competitor herself in multiple arenas including powerlifting and Figure/Bodybuilding, she has the versatile knowledge that it takes to elevate someone to a level beyond expectation. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Janel provides the necessary tools and communication to facilitate success. "

Casey Hill
NPC Figure Competitor
2018 Lehigh Valley Championships
Overall Winner
​Best In Show

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