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Jim Brown has over 30 years of expertise in powerlifting and is was the Senior International Coach for USA Powerlifitng Masters Bench Press & NAPF Open & Masters National Teams. Janel Brown has 17 years of powerlifting experience and has been an assistant coach at the local, regional & world championship level. They will program a Customized 4-Week Powerlifting program individualized for YOUR needs and YOUR goals. All your exercises will be programmed for you including your weights, reps and sets along with a supplementation schedule, cardio split, if needed and guidance along the way. You will have email & text support from them to answer any questions you have concerning your programming. You will also have access to the private Brown's Gym Powerlifting Facebook group page to post all your videos for comments and critiques. There are also hundreds of videos for you to browse through i.e. proper form, nutritional & supplement "do's and dont's," recipes, etc.

4 Week Customized Powerlifting Program

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