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We are Staffed 24/7



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We are Staffed 24/7

Customized Nutrition Programs

If you have calculated your Macros, but are still having problems dialing in your nutrition, let us help.


Customized Nutrition Programs are available. 

You may be working hard in the gym, but you cannot out train a bad diet.  

Let us take the guess work out for you.

Your Brown's Gym Membership at your Fingertips


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Check in right from your phone

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Make A Payment

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Purchase and Schedule Training Sessions

Purchase Memberships

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All Right from your Phone! 

Front of Gym

When you walk into the Gym... Leave everything behind you!

Proud to be American

This Flag was suspended on the 1 Year Anniversary of 9/11 We will Never Forget! "Let's Roll"

Free Weight Room

We have so much to offer! That we just can't list it all! * Hack Squat * Power Squat * Belt Squat * Hip Thrust * Smith Machines * GHDs * Reverse Hyper * Roman Chair * Assisted Pull-up/Dip * Leg Presses * Leg Extensions * Leg Curls * Seated & Stand Calf * BodyMaster * HQ * HammerStrength * York * Troy * assortment of MAG Handles & Grips * * SO * MANY * DUMBBELLS *

Cardio & Circuit Training

In the front of the room you will find our Circuit Training Area complete with a cable crossover machine. Our Cardio area includes Cybex Arc Trainers * Ellipticals * Concept 2 Rowers * Keiser Spin Bikes * Step Mills * Steppers * Upright & Recumbant Bikes * Jacobs Ladders * an Air Runner and of course plenty of Treadmills!

Powerlifting CrossFit & Weighlifting

* ER Powerlifting Racks * Pendlay Racks * Rogue Rack * Yoke * Sleds * Battleropes * Climbing Ropes * Atlas Stones * Kegs * Tires * Gymnastics Rings * Wall Balls * Medicine Balls * Exercise Balls * Platforms for Deadlifts & Weightlifting * Powerlifting Bars * EZ Bars * Trap Bars * Weightlifting Bars * Foam Rollers * Bands * Rubber Plates * Steel Plates * * SO * MUCH * MORE


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1000 South State Street, Clarks Summit, PA 18411 /  Tel. 570-586-3481

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